9 Years

Avg Customer Stay

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Save big when you hire experienced VAs to join your global team month-to-month. Cancel any time.

Hiring Our Virtual Assistants

Our business model is simple:

Hire Full-Time

Our dedicated VAs work full-time from Monday to Friday.

Monthly Hiring

No lock-in period. Cancel at any time.

Flat Monthly Fee

Pay a simple flat monthly fee. No hidden fees.

Your Time Zone

You choose the daily shift start time when you hire a VA.

Our VAs Will Delight You

Virtual Assistants

We lead the industry in experience. Our virtual assistants have an average of 12.3 years of work experience.

Extreme Customer

Our customer retention is second to none, with an average stay of 9.6 years. We hope to build a beautiful relationship with you too.

Easy Monthly

It's so easy to hire a dedicated VA. Simply request an obligation-free trial to get started. After the trial, service is month-to-month. Cancel any time.

Save Up
To 80%

We provide immense savings compared with hiring local staff. No overheads. No hidden fees. No long-term contracts.

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Our virtual assistants have fluent English with neutral accent.
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Filipino virtual assistants

Get the Best Value in the Industry

Hire top virtual assistants from just $999/month.

Try us free and find out why so many of our clients stay with us for years and years.

Better-Matched VAs

We strive to deliver outstanding value to our clients by providing the most relevantly qualified, most carefully vetted and most precisely matched virtual assistants in the industry.


Years Of Experience

Who Are We?

We are an Australian-owned outsourcing firm with operations based in Cebu City in the Philippines.

We have been helping our clients accelerate their businesses since 2007 by hiring out top-quality remote experts on a month-to-month basis. We would love to join your global team too.


9 Years

Average Customer Stay

Virtual Assistant Prices

Standard VA

USD $999 month
  • Typically 1-4 years of experience
  • 40 hours/week (173 hours/month)
  • Choose any shift start time
  • Local phone number included
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Senior VA

USD $1499 month
  • Typically 5+ years of experience
  • 40 hours/week (173 hours/month)
  • Choose any shift start time
  • Local phone number included
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How To Hire

Get Started Obligation-Free In These Three Simple Steps

1. Discuss

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs, or simply request a trial. No credit card required.

2. Try

Try working with a VA obligation-free for up to one week. Pay only if delighted.

3. Secure

To secure the expert for your team, simply pay for the first month by the end of the trial period.